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DPW HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/25/2019
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Commercial Market Evaluation Alzamend ™ Note: See “Treating Alzheimer’s Disease – Cost of Drugs” ( - drugs - to - treat - alzheimer - s - disease/index.htm) Patient Population Price per patient/yearly 10% Market Capture 20% Market Capture 30% Market Capture 6 Million $3,000 $1.8 Billion $3.6 Billion $5.4 Billion Potential Revenue Alzamend Neuro, Inc. Information cannot be disclosed or reprinted without prior written permission from Alzamend Neuro, Inc . February 2019 126 All forecasts are provided by management in this presentation for illustrative purposes only and are based on information available to us at this time . Management expects that internal forecasts and expectations may change over time .