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DPW HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/25/2019
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LiProSal™ (LISPRO) Alzamend ™ □ With the goal of improving lithium’s therapeutic profile, we investigated the safety, pharmacokinetics, and therapeutic effic ac y of LiProSal™ (LP), compared with lithium carbonate (LC) and lithium salicylate (LS) across a host of preclinical models of AD. □ Female APPSWE/PS 1 dE 9 mice at 4 months of age were orally treated with LP, LS, or LC for 9 months followed by determination of body weight, growth of internal organs, and cognitive and non - cognitive behavior. □ Untreated age - matched non - transgenic littermates served as wild - type (WT) controls. The Results: □ No significant differences in body weight, brain, heart, lung, spleen, liver or kidney were found between lithium treated - and untreated APPSWE/PS1dE9 cohorts. □ LP treatment improved cognitive function, as shown by lower escape latency during training and probe trial of the Morris water maze (MWM) test and longer contextual freezing time during the fear conditioning test. □ LP treatment also reduced depression, as assessed by tail suspension test, and irritability, as assessed by touch escape test. □ LP treatment afforded superior protection against cognitive impairment as determined by contextual fear conditioning test and irritability in comparison with LC or LS treatment. □ Chronic LP treatment prevent cognitive deficits, depression and irritability in female APPSWE/PS1dE9 mice, and is superior in improving associative learning and memory and irritability compared with lithium salicylate or carbonate treatments, supporting the potential of this lithium formulation for the treatment of AD. Alzamend Neuro, Inc. Information cannot be disclosed or reprinted without prior written permission from Alzamend Neuro, Inc . February 2019 118