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DPW HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/25/2019
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About Us » Digital Power Lending, LLC (DPL) specializes in providing capital financing for small businesses through innovative products and services. DPL is a referral - based business seeking unique opportunities to assist in the growth of dynamic companies with operational experience and market accepted products and services » DPL is a California limited liability company and a wholly - owned subsidiary of Spyglass Hill Capital Lending, Corp., a Delaware Corporation » Spyglass Hill Capital Lending, Corp., operates • New online portal that facilitates investments that pay monthly interest • Enables individuals to select the industry, the length of the investment and the interest rate that best fits their need • Investments may include real estate developments, specialized high - tech manufacturing, commercial lending and other pecuniary projects • Important source of private funding for DPW, DPW’s investment portfolio and divisions as well as our subsidiary, Digital Power Lending, LLC » Spyglass Hill Capital Lending Corp. is raising capital from institutions, family offices, endowments and accredited and non - accredited investors to deploy into a portfolio of loans through DPL and the investment portfolio of DPW Holdings and its subsidiaries » DPL is a registered California finance lender ( 60 DBO77905)