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DPW HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/25/2019
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148 Investment Highlights • MLSE ® – Revolutionary platform that digitizes analog textile processes – Most advanced, efficient, and eco - friendly platform available – Delivers better performing textiles – at 3x faster processing speeds • Solves Growing multi - $BB global textile market’s cost and toxicity problems – Demand growing for technical and function - specific fabrics – Uses 99.6% less energy, requires 94.8% fewer chemicals, generates 90.9% less greenhouse gases, than existing processes • SaaS model on threshold of commercialization and growth – MTIX retains ownership of MLSE ® machines – margins driven by throughput – Strong backlog of long - term license partners and machine orders – Targeting turning EBITDA and Cash Flow for operations positive in Year 3, 70%+ EBITDA margin Year 5 – Amass and monetize largest data library on textile production and performance • Patent - protected technology – no similar system exists – Unique, proprietary process algorithms attuned to each fabric and finishing treatment – MTIX enjoys significant lead time to market • Experienced management, including MLSE ® inventor and management team – 100+ years of experience comercializing the “impossible” – In process of regaining SEC compliance